Titanium Exo Dual Diode

RENTAL $1450.00 per month
$1450 monthly rental fee $5000.00 deposit

A Hair Removal Device that Can Rejuvenate the Skin

The superimposing action makes the skin multi-dmiensionally rejuvenated, doubles the clarity, and instantly flashes the beautiful skin.

  • Purchase Price $59,950.00

Working Princeple

Platinum Milk Light is a comprehensive skin rejuvenation machine that integrates milk light skin beautification + hair removal, which can repair various skin problems of customers.

Milk light skin beautifying function.

The selected near-infrared precision light has a wavelength of 900nm-1800nm and peaks at 1300nm. It can effectively reach the skin root that is 0.52mm under the skin. It can also reach the middle to deep layer of the dermis to speed up the cell metabolism, improve the skin texture, increase the skin surface refractive index, and make the skin glow from the inside out.

Depilation function.

The skins with defferent hair and color tone have different absorption rates at defferent laser wavelengths. The three wavelengths of 808nm,755nm, and 1064nm are perfectly combined to precisely act on the specified target and perform high-energy and high-precision actions on the root of the hair follicles, making the hair shed automatically ant truly achieving the permanent hair removal with zero pain.

01Improve skin tone

02Shrink pores

03Fight anti-aging

04Hair removal

05Lighten stains

06Reduce redness

07Stimulate collagen regeneration

Platinum Milk Light


Whiteening + hair removal dual effect

The energy is more concentrated, which improves the skin texture, skin whitening, and hair removal, The skin rejuvenation and whitening effect can be quickly achieved. The efficiency and function of the machine can also be greatly improved.


The Sliding technology, combined with the ultra-high frequency, releases the energy evenly into the teated area, ensuring more comprehensive and effective coverage of all skins.

Precise arrival

The Near-infrared precise light waves, light can directly act on the dermis, improve the functions of the body cells, and instantly making the skin healthy.

Comfortable and safe

The energy is precisely applied to the target tussue, which only promotes the absorption of excess heat generated by water molecules. Thus, other tissues of the epidermis are not affected. This makes the heating even and sage.

Platinum Milk light

Treatment Effect

360° instant radiance of the whole body skin